Beiben 6×6 water tanker

Beiben 2538 off road water tanker truck supplier from china,we can provide beiben 2538 off road water tankers and 2538 off road fuel truck, beiben 2538 off road dump truck and 2538 tractor trucks.  We can produce beiben 4*4 water tanker, beiben 6*6 water transportation truck, beiben 8*8 water wagons.

Customized 6×6 water tanker

 beiben water bowser  beiben water wagon  beiben water spinkler
         beiben 2538 water bowser
                     beiben 20 CBM  water tanker                beiben 2534 water truck
 beiben 15 CBM water transportation truck  beiben 20 CBM water truck  beiben 2530 water truck
                beiben 380 hp engine water wagon   
       beiben 20 cbm water wagon truck         
                beiben 18 cbm water transportation truck
 beiben NG80B cabin water truck

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