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china beiben 60 T tipper trucks supplier

At  our spare parts center, We not only provide different kind of best BEIBEN trucks, but also maintain an intensive spare parts inventory for all our equipment. From the smallest bearing to the most complex part, we are committed to having all genuine beiben parts on hands to have our customers' project running smoothly.


We are well stocked with full inventory list of spare parts, components and accessories to support our clients, and offer best after-sales service to all the beiben trucks that purchased from us. Below is CEEC parts showroom and detail list:


Full range of genuine parts in stock, engines, transmissions, axle, cabin, suspension and accessories.
● Long-term cooperation with DHL, FedEX and TNT, for small quantity, parts will be sent out
within 2 days, saving a lot of time for clients in truck repair business.

North benz spare parts system will help us to check specifications of your beiben truck, making the parts
you order are the ones you need.

● We provide catalogs for free, some of catalogs are demonstrated on our website, please contact
us to get full set. This will help you to locate the parts you need.

BEIBEN Truck Specification


BEIBEN Truck Spare Parts

Engine Parts Transmission  Parts Cab  Parts Axle & Chassis  Parts
1 Oil filter / air filter 1 Pump Gear 1 Hydraulic hand pump 1 Brake lining
2 Diesel / fuel filter 2 Couplers main shaft 2 Hydraulic Cylinder 2 Rivet
3 Fuel injection pump / injector 3 Clutch driven disc 3 CMOD 3 Planet gear
4 Oil Pump & Thermostat 4 Output shaft rear hubcap 4 Integral / Starting switch 4 knuckle & pin
5 Timing gear housing 5 Input shaft 5 Control panel  5 Brake shoes
6 Flywheel housing 6 Locking Pad 6 Start relay (80A) 6 Wheel bolt
7 Camshaft & Oil seal 7 Brass Pipe 7 relay 7 Middle axle assembly
8 Engine rear seal 8 Speedo Sensor 8 Shock absorber 8 Rear axle housing
9 Cylinder liner / head 9 Selector rod assembly 9 Main power switch 9 Drier
10 Thrust bearing 10 Double-H valve assembly 10 Windshield 10 Diaphragm cylinder
11 Crankshaft gear 11 pressure switch 11 Outer handle 11 differential spider
12 Connecting rod bearing 12 Range Cylinder 12 Excaust brake switch 12 Steering knuckle bushing 
13 Piston ring / piston 13 Selector Tower Assy 13 Pressure switch 13 hollow shaft
14   Valve guide 14   Framework oil seal 14   Steering telescopic shaft 14   Solenoid valve
15 Push rod & Rocker arm 15 Planetary structure assembly 15 Wiper / Wiper rubber 15 Transfixion shaft


BEIBEN Truck Parts Warehouse

BEIBEN Truck Parts, Fast Delivery Worldwide.

BEIBEN Truck Specification
NG80 TRUCK   WP10.336E40  12JSD160TA 485
  YC6MK375N-50  12JSD200TA 457
  YC6MK340N-50  12JSD160TA 457
  WD615.46  9JS180 457
  WP10.290E32  9JS119B 457
  WP10.336N  12JS160TA 457
  WP10NG300E40  9JS135B 457
  WP7.210E40  9T1280 457
  WP12NG330E40  12JS160T 457
  WP12NG380E40  12JS200T 457
V3 TRUCK   WP10.336   12JS160TA 13T
  WP12.420E32   12JS200T 457
  WP12NG380E50   12JSD200TA 457
  WP12.375E40   16JS200TA 457
  WP10.336E40   9JS150A 457
  WP12NG350E40   12JS160T 457
  WP12NG330E40   12JS160T 457
  WP10.336E40   12JS160T 457
V3HT TRUCK   WP12.375E40   12JSD200TA 485
  WP10.375E40   ZF 12 GEARS HD8/03C-13
V3M TRUCK   WP10.340E32   12JSD160TA 485
  WP10NG336E50   12JSD160TA 457
  YC6MK385-40   12JSD160TA 457
  WP12.375E40   12JSD200TA 457
  YC6L350-42   12JS160T 457
  YC6MK300-42   9JS135 457
EXPORT MODELS WD615.50 5S-112GP 457
WD615.38 12JS200T 457
WP10.290E32/WP10.290 Fuller 9JS150TA 457
WP10.340E32 Fuller 9JS150TA 457
WP10.340E32 Fuller 9JS180 457
WD615.56 9JS150 457

Beiben spare parts in stock.
beiben spare parts

beiben spare parts

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