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Africa congo customer order 9 units beiben 2538 logging truck

2017-11-23 17:29:58

Africa customer order 9 units beiben 2538 logging truck

beiben 2538 logging truck

Client: Africa customer

Year: March, 2017


Key Points:  Purchase beiben 6x6 drive wooden transportation truck

  •        Design and manufacturing beiben 2538 logging trucks based on beiben 6 wheel drive truck chassis.
  •       Latest shippment on bulk ship or roll roll vessel. ensure the first shipping time and well package.

Africa customer place order of 9 units EURO 2 type beiben 2538 logging truck, along with 12 months spare parts .

Congo customer Mr malandu is interested in beiben 6*6 drive grumier camions, as beiben 6 Wheel Drive Trucks is with benz technology, get very good reputation in CONGO country.

After discussing with him through Email and telephone, we give some useful suggestion for him , based on the budget on beiben 2530 log truck, beiben 2534 log truck, and beiben 2538 log truck.

These beiben 2638 all wheel drive wooden trucks will be used for transporting wooden between pointe noire, and brazzaville. 

Objectives & Aims

  •       Source 9 units beiben 2538 all wheel drive logging trucks
  •     Supply 9  units beiben 2638 trucks withine 2 months.
  •       Maintain full support for 1 year after delivery
  •     Supply spares for the grumier camions for 1 complete year after delivery.

Implementation and Execution

CEEC TRUCKS agreed to purchase the  on these beiben 380 engine wooden trucks. Next we arranged:

  •       Manufacture of the Beiben 6*6 grumier camions
  •       Inspection of the Beiben logging semitrailer
  •       Delivery to the shanghai seaport, china
  •       Customs clearance
  •       Loading and shipping to FIJI
  •       Unloading and final inspection before handing over to Congo customer
  •         To ensure communication for support and sourcing spares

beiben 2538 logging truck

beiben 2538 logging truck

beiben 2538 logging truck

beiben 2538 logging truck


beiben 2538 logging truck

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