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Beiben right hand drive tractor truck

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Product Details

Beiben right hand drive  prime mover

beiben tracteur camions supplier


Heavy duty Construction,  Mining and quarries,

Normal material transportation

Dry Bulk,  Building Material, Waste

Agriculture,  FreightPlant Hire, Military


·           Cooperation with Benz.

·        Meet the European ECER29 safety regulations and possess security of same level of European automobiles.

·        Cooperation with the first-class international design houses:

Truck function

  • Wide-range in application: BEIBEN tractor can connect with fuel tanker semitrailer, container semitrailer, dump semitrailer.
  • Anti-skidding: BEIBEN tractor unit can prevent the idling conditions of the drive wheels during the vehicle driving on the slippery road. And as to starting and accelerating the vehicle, the tractor can also ensure more stationarity, especially in the snow or muddy road.
  • Flexibility: Make the north benz tractor truck has a better flexibility when towing a vehicle.
  • Reliable operation: Ensure the reliable connection, easily and quickly handle between tractor units and semi trailer trucks.
  • stationarity: The traction can be passed to the semi trailers smoothly and produce cushioning effect.


Beiben Trucks

Axles from Mercedes Benz technology

Beiben Trucks

Made for heavy usage applications, all beiben RHD prime mover are equipped with double-layer reinforced frames


Ease of use, simple and reliable


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China famous brand beiben 2528 tractor truck,for using in logistic, seaport, airport, fuel transporation.

beiben 2534 tracteur camions price

Best supplier of beiben right hand drive tractor truck, beiben 2534 RHD tractor truck, beiben 2642,2646,2648 RHD prime mover, we have great reputation in africa country for supplying beiben 4*2 RHD tractor truck, beiben 4*4 RHD tractor truck, beiben 6*4 tractor truck with RHD steering system and beiben 6*6 tractor trucks with RHD steering system.

  beiben 2638 tractor camions

CEEC TRUCKS is the best supplier of beiben RHD tractor truck, beiben RHD dump truck, beiben RHD tanker truck, beiben RHD wrecker trucks. supply lots of beiben Right hand drive  2534,2538,2542,2546 prime mover for east africa customer.


Beiben 2538SZ tractor truck /6×4/3450+1450/Long Cab/LHD
Dimension 7136*2495*3180mm
Approaching angle/Departure angle 26/64°
Overhang(front/rear) 1410/825mm
Wheel base 3450+1450mm
Max speed 90km/h
Curb weight 9200kg
Max towing weight 36900kg

Max loading on fifth wheel, Permitted(kg)


Slope climbing capability Max.40%
Engine Model WP10.380E32,water-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders in line,turbocharged, directly injection
Displacement 9.726L/Diesel
Stroke 126/130mm
Max. power 280/2200 (kw/rpm)
Max.torque 1460/1200-1600(Nm/rpm)
Emission stantard EuroⅢ
Fuel tanker capacity 400L
Clutch ∮430, Single dry frictional disc,Hydraulic boosting

12JS200T, mechanism,12forward gears,2 reverse gear, manual operated

Gear ratio of gear box 15.53/12.08/9.39/7.33/5.73/4.46/3.48/2.71/2.1/1.64/1.28/1.00 R: 14.86 3.33
Suspension system Front Non-free standing leaf spring,telescopic shock absorber with stablizer bar suspension , 13pcs
Rear Non-free standing stablization spring, balance suspension system, 13pcs
Brake system Service brake Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system
Assistant brake Engine exhaust brake
Park brake Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels
Steering system TAS85,whole circulation in ball, hydraulic booster
Frame Fish belly shape, variable width, variable sections


JOST ∮90 single direction

Height of fifth wheel(mm) (unload)


Radius of front gap (mm)


Radius of rear slew (mm)


Front axle (Mercedes Technology) Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle
Middle and Rear axle (Mercedes Technology) Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle
Tyre 12.00-R20
Electrical system Battery 2X12V/135Ah
Generator 28V-35A
Starter 5.4Kw/24V
Cabin NG80B Long-Flat roof cabin with single sleeper
Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate;
Can be tipped forwardly;
High back seat for driver;Electric lifting window ;
With inner A/C

beiben 2638 RHD tractor truck

beiben 2638 RHD tractor truck

beiben 2638 RHD tractor truck

beiben 2638 RHD tractor truck

beiben 2638 RHD tractor truck

Beiben tractor truck and semitrailer


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Model Engine Model Rated Power Payload

Driving Mode

Beiben 1834S
WD615.34 340Hp 40Ton 4x2
Beiben 2538 WP10.380 380 Hp 45 Ton 6x4
Beiben 2634 WP10.340 340 Hp 40Ton 6x4
Beiben 2642 WP12.420 420 Hp 48 Ton 6x4
Beiben 2642 WP10.420 420 Hp 50 Ton 6x4
Beiben 2638S WP 10.380 380 hP 48 T 6x4
Beiben 2638 WP10.380 380 Hp 45 Ton 6x4
Beiben 2638S WP 10.380 380 hP 50 T 6x4
Beiben2642 WP 10.420 420 Hp 60 T 6x4
Beiben 2542S WP12.420E32 420 Hp 50 T 6x4
Beiben 1630A WP10.300N 300 Hp 30 T 4x4
Beiben 2534 WP 10.336 336 Hp 50 Ton 6x6
Beiben 2638 WP10.380 380 Hp 50 Ton 6x4


Beiben crane trucks and garbage trucks


NextBeiben service and lubrication workshop truck

Success Cases

Power star tractor truck for africa customer using

As the best power star tractor trucks supplier in china, we supply the best quality power star 340 Hp engine, power star 380 Hp engine tractor truck , and power star 420 Hp engine tractor trucks.      

Power star tractor truck for africa customer using

20 units beiben 12 wheeler dump truck sucessfully used in tanzania customer plant.

20 units beiben 3134 dumper are stay greatly in tanzania customer plant. China beiben 340 hp engine 8*4 drive dump trucks are widely used in tanzania customer, for transporting mining rock, heavy duty material .More than 100 units north benz 3134 type 12 wheeler dump trucks are used in tanzania country. We welcome all customer from tanzania to plac...

20 units beiben 12 wheeler dump truck sucessfully used in tanzania customer plant.

Beiben 20 CBM water tanker trucks are shipped for mombassa, kenya

Beiben 20 CBM water cart trucks are shipped on board to kenya, mombassa.  These beiben RHD water tanker trucks are all based on beiben 2538 truck chassis, with benz quality 6*8 military all wheel drive system, kenya customer can use these beiben 20 CBM tanker trucks for their mine aera. 20 CBM beiben 2538 water trucks, you can get more informa...

Beiben 20 CBM water tanker trucks are shipped for mombassa, kenya

Uzbekistan customer order Beiben 6*6 drive system bulk cement trucks

This 2 units beiben 25  CBM  bulk cement transportation truck are for uzbekistan goverment project.   Upon on the requirement of uzbekistan customer's 6*6 driving system,we choose the beiben ND1251FJ truck chassis, with long wheel base, reinforced benz axle, more suitable for middle asia country weather and road situation.   Our...

Uzbekistan customer order Beiben 6*6 drive system bulk cement trucks

Nigeria customer order beiben 20 CBM water tanker trucks

12 units beiben 6*4 water trucks are sucessfully exported to Nigeria, Lagos. this order of beiben 20 cbm water trucks is based on the visiting and decision of nigeira customer.   Beiben water trucks have great reputation in nigeria, due to its good performance and durable qulity . After fully absorbing Germany benz trucks technology, we disign...

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Algeria customer place order of 10 units beiben 8*4 concrete mixer trucks

10 units beiben 8*4 concrete mixer trucks are sucessfully produces and on shippment from shanghai, china to algeria country.  All these beiben 3134 transit mixer trucks are based on beiben 12 wheeler mixer truck chassis. with CEEC truck latest mixer truck technology. we have great confidence that algeria customer will be satisfied with the qua...

Algeria customer place order of 10 units beiben 8*4 concrete mixer trucks
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