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Ivory Coast Beiben Transit Mixer truck Delivery

May 20 , 2024

Beiben concrete mixer truck is a special transport vehicle specially used to mix cement, sand, gravel and other raw materials into concrete. Beiben concrete mixer truck is widely used in construction sites, road construction and other engineering sites. Beiben concrete mixer truck can prepare concrete on-site according to the needs of the construction site, reducing the waste of raw materials and losses during concrete transportation and improving construction efficiency.



Beiben cement mixer truck is mainly composed of hydraulic transmission system, mixing tank, discharging system, cleaning system, control system, feeding system, circuit system and other parts.

1. Hydraulic transmission system: converts the engine power taken out by the power take-off into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then outputs it into mechanical energy (speed and torque) through the motor to provide power for the rotation of the mixing drum.

2. Mixing tank: The mixing drum is a key component of the entire mixing truck. It is a container for storing concrete and plays a decisive role in preventing concrete from solidifying and segregating. There are blades inside the tank, which mainly play the role of stirring and guiding materials.

3. Discharging system: Mainly composed of main discharge chute, auxiliary discharge chute, locking rod, etc. The auxiliary discharge chute plays the role of extending the length of the main discharge chute.



4. Cleaning system: The cleaning system mainly consists of pressure water tanks, water guns, water pipes, valves, etc. Using air pressure water supply, its main function is to flush the hopper after loading and flush the mixing drum and discharge chute after discharging to prevent concrete from sticking.

5. Control system: The operating system consists of a controller, a linkage shaft, a flexible shaft and a connecting rod mechanism. It mainly controls the speed and direction of rotation of the mixing drum.

6. Feeding system: It is mainly composed of a feed hopper and a bracket. The feed hopper is subject to greater wear due to impact, and the material requires good wear resistance. The bracket mainly plays the role of reducing the impact force.

7. Circuit system: mainly refers to the entire circuit of the mixer truck, including the vehicle's tail lights, side marker lights, corridor lights, cooling fan motor etc.



Ivory Coast Beiben Transit Mixer truck is a mechanical equipment specially used for concrete mixing. It usually consists of an engine, mixing drum, transmission system, control system and other components. Ivory Coast Transit Mixer truck is widely used in construction sites and concrete mixing plants. It can effectively improve concrete mixing efficiency, ensure concrete quality, save costs, and has high practicality and economy.



1. The Ivory Coast concrete mixer truck has efficient mixing performance.

The mixing drum adopts a special design with mixing blades inside. The mixing blades are reasonably arranged and can fully mix cement, aggregate and water evenly to ensure stable concrete quality. At the same time, the Ivorian concrete mixer truck has fast mixing speed and high mixing efficiency, which can quickly complete the concrete mixing task and improve work efficiency.



2. The Beiben cement transport truck in Cote d'Ivoire has a stable transmission system.

The transmission system adopts advanced technology to ensure that the mixing drum rotates smoothly, and there will be no jamming or material leakage during the mixing process, ensuring that the concrete is mixed evenly. In addition, the transmission system is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can adapt to various harsh environments, extending the service life of the machine and reducing maintenance costs.



3. The Beiben cement transport truck in Cote d'Ivoire has an intelligent control system.

The control system uses advanced electrical components and sensors, which can realize automatic control and remote monitoring, and is easy to operate and master. The Ivory Coast concrete mixer truck control system can accurately measure the proportion of cement, aggregate and water, adjust the mixing time and speed according to the set requirements, and ensure that the concrete mixing quality meets standard requirements. At the same time, the control system also has fault diagnosis and automatic alarm functions, which can detect faults in time and take corresponding measures to improve the reliability and safety of the machine.



To sum up, the Ivory Coast Beiben transit mixer truck has efficient mixing performance, stable transmission system and intelligent control system. It is an indispensable and important equipment for construction sites and concrete mixing plants. It is important for improving work efficiency, saving costs and ensuring safety. Concrete quality plays a significant role.

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