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Beiben Cargo Truck

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Customized beiben cargo trucks

Customized hot brand china beiben cargo trucks,supply good quality NG80B cabin cargo truck for all congo customer and africa customerwe can supply beiben 2638 cargo truck, beiben 2642 cargo truck, beiben 3138 cargo truck, beiben 3142 cargo truck . we specilized in producing beiben cargo van trucks, beiben 2634 cargo truck, beiben 2638 cargo truck, north benz 2638 cargo trucks, congo north benz 2638 cargo truck. To satisfy with all customer to get reliable beiben heavy duty cargo truck, is our pursuit forever.We aim at supplying beiben 4*2 drive cargo truck, beiben 6*4 drive cargo van truck, beiben 8*4 drive cargo truck, beiben 6*6 drive cargo truck.  All the cargo body upper structure can be customized on beiben cargo truck chassis.

Beiben cargo trucks are known for their reliability, durability, and versatility. These beiben cargo trucks can be easily modified to serve a variety of purposes due to their robust design and powerful engine. Here are four vehicles that can be modified using Beiben cargo trucks and their main purposes:

1. Dump Trucks: Beiben cargo trucks can be easily converted into dump trucks by installing a hydraulic lift system and a dump bed. These trucks are commonly used in construction sites, mining operations, and waste management facilities to transport and dump materials such as gravel, sand, and demolition debris.

2. Water Tank Trucks: Beiben cargo trucks can also be transformed into water tank trucks by adding a specialized tank and pump system. These trucks are crucial for providing clean water in remote areas, firefighting, and agricultural irrigation. They are commonly used by municipal governments, fire departments, and agricultural companies.

3. Truck mounted crane. Truck-mounted cranes are powerful cranes that are mounted on the rear of Beiben cargo trucks. These cranes are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, mining, and construction for lifting heavy equipment and materials. They are highly mobile and can be easily transported to different job sites, making them a popular choice for businesses that require frequent heavy lifting tasks.

4. Mobile Workshops: Beiben cargo trucks can be customized with storage compartments, workbenches, and power tools to create mobile workshops. These trucks are ideal for maintenance and repair tasks in remote locations, construction sites, and disaster response scenarios. They are commonly used by maintenance companies, construction firms, and emergency services.

Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase Payloading
2638 ( 6x4) WP10.380 380        hp 4450+1450 50 T
2642    ( 6x4) WP12.420 420        hp 4450+1450 60 T
2642 ( 6x6 ) WP12.420 420        hp 4450+1450 60 T
2638     (6x6 ) WP10.380 380       hp 4450+1450 50 T
3138 (8x4) WP10.380 380      Hp 4450+1450 80 T
beiben 2642 truck chassis beiben 2642 truck chassis congo beiben 2642 truck
beiben 2642 off road truck beiben 6×6 cargo truck beiben 6×6 drive truck
beiben 2642 truck chassis beiben 2642 truck chassis beibel 2538 all wheel drive water truck
congo beiben 2642 truck chassis
beiben 6×6 fuel truck beiben 6×6 water truck

beiben tractor truck beiben tractor truck beiben 2638 truck
North benz 2638 truck truck Beiben 2638 long  truck beiben 2638 cargo truck
Beiben 3138 cargo truck beiben tractor truck
Beiben 3138 truck Beiben 3134 truck chassis Beiben 2638 truck chassis

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