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Customized beiben 8*4 fuel truck

The Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck is a heavy-duty vehicle designed primarily for transporting fuel and other petroleum products. Its main uses can be categorized into four points:

1. Transporting fuel to various locations: The Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck is equipped with a large fuel tank and a powerful engine, making it ideal for transporting fuel from refineries to gas stations, airports, construction sites, and other locations in need of fuel supply. Its 8x4 configuration allows for superior stability and load capacity, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation of fuel over long distances.
2. Refueling operations: This fuel truck can also be used for on-site refueling operations, such as refilling tanks of vehicles, machinery, and generators in remote locations where access to fueling stations is limited. With its high-flow fuel pump and hose reel, the Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck can quickly and safely dispense fuel to multiple vehicles or equipment simultaneously, improving productivity and reducing downtime.
3. Emergency response and disaster relief: In emergency situations such as natural disasters, the Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck plays a critical role in providing fuel for emergency vehicles, generators, and shelters. Its robust construction and off-road capabilities enable it to navigate through challenging terrain and reach affected areas quickly, ensuring timely fuel supply for relief operations.
4. Military logistics and operations: The Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck is also used in military logistics and operations, where fuel supply is essential for vehicles, aircraft, and other equipment. Its rugged design, high payload capacity, and advanced fuel management systems make it an invaluable asset for military forces in maintaining operational readiness and mobility in the field.
In conclusion, the Beiben 8x4 Fuel Truck serves as a versatile and reliable vehicle for transporting, dispensing, and distributing fuel in various settings, including commercial, industrial, emergency response, and military operations. Its robust construction, high-performance features, and specialized capabilities make it an essential tool for ensuring fuel supply in critical situations.


Customized china beiben 12 wheel fuel oil trucks. Beiben 8*4 drive fuel truck can payload about 30 CBM to 40 CBM oil , fuel and gas. currently we produce and supply beibei 8*4 340 Hp fuel tanker truck, beiben 8*4 380 Hp fuel tanker truck and other beiben 12 wheeler fuel tanker trucks.

China long history beiben fuel tanker truck manufacturer, supply beiben 30,000 liters fuel truck, beiben 35,000 liters fuel cart, beiben 40,000 liters fuel wagons. our fuel tanker truck workshop have great expreience on producing beiben fuel transporation truck, beiben oil bowser, north benz oil tanker wagon.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 2638    ( 6x4)            WP10.380              380        hp    3450+1450         20,000 L
 2642    ( 6x4)           WP12.420              420        hp     3450+1450         22,000 L
 2638     (6x6 )           WP10.380              380        hp     3450+1450          20,000 L
 3138   (6x6)           WP10.380              3820      Hp     1950+4950+1450          40,000 L

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