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We customized beiben 2538 dump truck, beiben 2638 dump truck, beiben NG80B cabin 380 hp engine dump trucks. This kind of beiben 2538 dump truck is specially for congo and kenya, tanzania customer.  Beiben 380 hp engine dump truck is widely used in Africa country, due to its very strong china weichai diesel engine, and Germany benz full technology. we are the best dealer of Baotou beiben 2538 dump truck, and the original spare parts center of China NG80 6*4 dump trucks. We produce beiben quality beiben 2538 dumper, beiben 2538 type 60 T, 70 T, 80 T dump trucks. Supply genuine beiben 2538 dump trucks spare parts.

The Beiben 2638 Dump Truck is a heavy-duty truck primarily used for construction, mining, and infrastructure projects. This robust vehicle is designed to transport and unload materials quickly and efficiently. Here are four main uses of the Beiben 2638 Dump Truck:

1. Construction: The Beiben 2638 Dump Truck is commonly used in construction sites to transport materials such as sand, gravel, and concrete. Its large capacity and powerful engine allow for the efficient movement of heavy loads, making it essential for construction projects of all sizes.
2. Mining: In the mining industry, the Beiben 2638 Dump Truck is invaluable for transporting ore, coal, and other materials from the mining site to processing facilities or storage areas. Its rugged construction and off-road capabilities make it well-suited for the challenging terrain typically found in mining operations.
3. Infrastructure projects: The Beiben 2638 Dump Truck is also frequently used in infrastructure projects such as road construction, building dams, and installing pipelines. Its versatility and ability to maneuver in tight spaces make it an ideal choice for transporting materials to hard-to-reach areas on project sites.
4. Waste management: The Beiben 2638 Dump Truck can also be used for waste management purposes, such as transporting and dumping solid waste at landfills or recycling facilities. Its large dumping capacity and efficient operation make it well-suited for handling various types of waste materials.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 2638    ( 6x4)           WP10.380              380        hp     3800+1450          60 T
 2642    (6x4 )           WP12.420              420        hp     3800+1450          70 T
 2638   (6x6)           WP10.380              380        hp      3800+1450          80 T
 3138   (8x4)           WP10.380              380        Hp      1950+4450+1450         100 T

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