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The Beiben 6x4 Fuel Truck is a versatile vehicle designed for transporting fuel and other liquid substances. Its main purpose can be summarized into four key points:

1. Refueling Aircraft: One of the primary uses of the Beiben 6x4 Fuel Truck is to refuel aircraft on the ground. With its large fuel tank capacity and efficient pumping system, this truck is essential for ensuring that airplanes are ready for their next flight.
2. Fueling Vehicles: Another important application of the Beiben 6x4 Fuel Truck is to provide fuel for various vehicles such as cars, trucks, and construction equipment. This truck plays a crucial role in keeping fleets of vehicles operational and ensuring they have the necessary fuel to complete their tasks.
3. Emergency Response: The Beiben 6x4 Fuel Truck is also utilized in emergency situations, such as natural disasters or power outages, to provide fuel for generators, emergency vehicles, and other essential equipment. Its mobility and capacity make it an indispensable resource for responding to critical situations swiftly.
4. Military Operations: In military operations, the Beiben 6x4 Fuel Truck serves as a reliable means of transporting fuel to remote locations or frontline units. Its robust construction and off-road capabilities make it suitable for challenging terrains, ensuring that military forces have access to the fuel they need to carry out their missions effectively.beiben 6*4 fuel tanker is based on
beiben 2527 truck chassis, with ceec trucks excellent tanker truck technology and germany benz trucks reliablity, this kind of beiben 6*4 fuel tanker can produced around 20 CBM, 25 CBM capacity.

The most professional beiben tanker truck manufacturer for north benz 15,000 liters, 18,000 liters, 20,000 liters fuel tanker trucks. Genuine beiben tanker truck spare parts service for all beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker trucks vehicles.  All the fuel tanker components that we applied on beiben fuel trucks is china famous brand and reliable quality.

Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase Payloading
2638 ( 6x4) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 20,000 L
2642 ( 6x4) WP12.420 420        hp 3450+1450 22,000 L
2638 (6x6 ) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 20,000 L
3138 (6x6) WP10.380 3820      Hp 1950+4950+1450 40,000 L

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