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Beiben 6x4 water truck , also named as beiben 6x4 water tanker. It is a specialized vehicle designed for the transportation of water. It has a variety of uses and applications due to its large capacity and versatility. The main purposes of the Beiben 6x4 water truck are as follows:

1. Dust suppression: One of the primary uses of the Beiben 6x4 water truck is to control dust on construction sites, mining operations, and other areas where dust can be a nuisance. The truck can spray water onto the ground to reduce airborne particles, improving air quality and visibility.
2. Road maintenance: The water truck is also utilized for road maintenance, particularly in arid regions where dust and dirt can accumulate on road surfaces. By spraying water onto the roads, the truck can help to keep them clean and prevent erosion, prolonging the lifespan of the road infrastructure.
3. Firefighting: Another important use of the Beiben 6x4 water truck is for firefighting purposes. The truck can carry a large volume of water to remote areas where fires may occur, providing a valuable resource for firefighters to quickly extinguish flames and protect property.
4. Agricultural applications: Farmers and agricultural workers also rely on water trucks for irrigation purposes. The Beiben 6x4 water truck can be used to transport water to crops, orchards, and other agricultural land, ensuring that plants receive the necessary moisture for healthy growth.

Overall, the Beiben 6x4 water truck is a versatile and essential vehicle with a wide range of uses in various industries. Its large capacity and robust design make it well-suited for demanding tasks such as dust suppression, road maintenance, firefighting, and agricultural irrigation.Customized beiben tanker trucks, can produce beiben water tanker truck, beiben fuel tanker trucks. we specialized in producing north benz water bowser and north benz fuel bowser. More than 20 years experience on exporting beiben oil bowser , beiben 2638 fuel truck, beiben 2638 fuel tanker, north benz 2638 oil tankers.

The Beiben 6x4 water truck is a multifunctional vehicle that serves several important purposes. Firstly, it is primarily used for transporting and distributing water to various locations. This makes it an invaluable asset for areas experiencing water shortages or where access to clean water is limited. The truck's large capacity allows for efficient and effective distribution of water to residential areas, construction sites, agricultural lands, and other locations in need.

Secondly, the Beiben 6x4 water truck is commonly utilized for dust suppression purposes. By spraying water onto dusty roads, construction sites, or mining operations, the truck helps to control airborne particles and improve air quality. This is particularly important in industrial areas where dust can pose health risks to workers and residents.  China premium tanker truck manufacturer, based on famous brand beiben truck chassis. We can produce beiben 4*4 drive tank truck, beiben 6*6 drive tanker trucks.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 2638    ( 6x4)            WP10.380              380        hp    3450+1450         20,000 L
 2642    ( 6x4)           WP12.420              420        hp     3450+1450         22,000 L
 2638     (6x6 )           WP10.380              380        hp     3450+1450          20,000 L
 3138   (6x6)           WP10.380              3820        Hp     1950+4950+1450          40,000 L

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