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The Beiben 6x6 cargo truck is a versatile vehicle that can be modified into various types of engineering vehicles for specific purposes. Its robust design and powerful engine make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are four main types of engineering vehicles that can be derived from the Beiben 6x6 cargo truck and their primary uses:

1. Off-road dump truck:  With its 6x6 drive system and high ground clearance, the Beiben cargo truck can be transformed into an off-road dump truck. This type of vehicle is commonly used in construction sites, mines, and quarries to transport materials such as soil, gravel, and rocks over rough terrain. The large cargo capacity and sturdy structure of the Beiben truck make it well-suited for carrying heavy loads in challenging environments.

2. Water tanker truck: By installing a water tank onto the cargo bed, the Beiben 6x6 truck can be converted into a water tanker truck. This type of vehicle is essential for supplying water to remote areas, construction sites, and emergency situations. The Beiben truck's reliable engine and all-wheel-drive capability ensure that it can access hard-to-reach locations and deliver water efficiently.

3. Crane truck: Equipping the Beiben cargo truck with a crane attachment enables it to function as a crane truck. This type of vehicle is used for lifting and moving heavy objects in construction, logistics, and maintenance operations. The Beiben truck's strong chassis and stability make it an ideal base for mounting a crane, allowing for safe and efficient lifting operations in various work environments.

4. Fuel tanker truck: By adding a fuel tank and pump system to the cargo bed, the Beiben 6x6 truck can be converted into a fuel tanker truck. This type of vehicle is crucial for transporting and dispensing fuel to remote sites, vehicles, and machinery. The Beiben truck's durability and off-road capabilities make it a dependable choice for delivering fuel in challenging conditions.

In conclusion, the Beiben 6x6 cargo truck can be modified into off-road dump trucks, water tanker trucks, crane trucks, and fuel tanker trucks for a wide range of engineering applications. Its versatility and reliability make it a practical choice for various industries that require heavy-duty vehicles for transporting materials, providing essential services, and carrying out specialized tasks.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 2638    ( 6x6)            WP10.380              380        hp  4450+1450          60 T
 2642    ( 6x6)           WP12.420              420        hp  4450+1450          80 T
 2634     (6x6 )           WP10.340              340       hp  4450+1450          50 T
 3138     (8x8)           WP10.380               380      Hp  1950+4750+1450         100 T

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