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Customized 8*4 dumper

Customized beiben 3138 dump truck, beiben 12 wheeler dump truck, north benz 12 wheeler dumper tipping truck.  We specialized in producing beiben 60 T heavy duty dumper, beiben 80 T heavy dumper, beiben 100T heavy dump truck. As the famous beiben 4 axles dump truck manufacturer, we can produce good quality beiben 3 axle dump truck, beiben 4 axles dump trucks. Best beiben 8×4 dump truck manufacturer and exporter in china, produce beiben  8×4 dumper, range from beiben 3130,3134,3138,3142 dump trucks to beiben 12 wheeler dumper with 380 hp engine, 420 hp engine. Choose best beiben 8×4 tipper truck plant, choose us.

The Beiben 8x4 dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for transporting and unloading large quantities of materials over rough terrain. In Africa, this type of truck serves various important purposes due to its robust construction and high payload capacity.

1. Construction Industry: The Beiben 8x4 dump truck is commonly used in the construction industry in Africa for transporting materials such as sand, gravel, and construction waste. It plays a crucial role in the building of roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects across the continent.
2. Mining Industry: In mineral-rich regions of Africa, the Beiben 8x4 dump truck is widely used in the mining industry for transporting ores, rocks, and other mining materials from the extraction site to processing facilities. Its large cargo capacity and off-road capabilities make it ideal for navigating rough terrain commonly found in mining areas.
3. Agriculture Sector: The Beiben 8x4 dump truck is also utilized in the agriculture sector in Africa for transporting agricultural produce, fertilizers, and other farm inputs. Farmers use these trucks to move bulky items such as crops, livestock feed, and machinery to and from farms, markets, and storage facilities.
4. Waste Management: The Beiben 8x4 dump truck is essential for waste management in urban areas of Africa. It is commonly used by municipal authorities and private waste disposal companies to collect and transport solid waste, construction debris, and other rubbish to landfills or recycling centers.

In conclusion, the Beiben 8x4 dump truck is a versatile and reliable vehicle that serves multiple purposes in Africa, including construction, mining, agriculture, and waste management. Its robust design, high payload capacity, and off-road capabilities make it well-suited for tackling the challenging conditions commonly found on the continent.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 3134    ( 8x4)           WP10.380              380        hp       1500+3550+1450         80 T
 3142    (8x4 )           WP12.420              420        hp       1500+4150+1450         90 T
 3138    (8x4)           WP10.380              380        hp      1500+4150+1450         100 T
 3138   (8x4)           WP10.380              380        Hp      1950+4450+1450         100 T

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 beiben 100 T heavy dumper 


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