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Beiben 6x4 dump truck, also named as beiben 6x4 dumper, beiben 6x4 tipper truck. We are the best Beiben 6×4 dump truck manufacturer in china, currrently, our beiben 6*4 dump truck workshop can produce beiben 6*4 290 hp engine, 6*6 drive 340 hp engine, 380 hp engine dump trucks. Congo best beiben cargo truck and beiben dump truck manufacturer, we supply good quality beiben dump truck chassis and cargo truck chassis for congo customer and kenya customer.  We can customize beiben 2634, 2638,2642 model dump truck.

The Beiben 6x4 dump truck is a versatile and reliable vehicle commonly used in Africa for various purposes. This heavy-duty truck has a robust design and powerful engine, making it suitable for handling tough terrain and heavy loads with ease. Here are four main uses of the Beiben 6x4 dump truck in Africa:

1. Construction Projects:
The Beiben 6x4 dump truck is commonly used in construction projects across Africa for transporting materials such as sand, gravel, and building supplies. Its large capacity allows for efficient and quick movement of materials on construction sites, helping to increase productivity and streamline operations.
2. Mining Industry:
In the mining industry, the Beiben 6x4 dump truck plays a vital role in transporting ore, rocks, and other mining materials from the extraction site to processing facilities or storage areas. Its rugged construction and high load capacity make it ideal for handling the demanding conditions of mining operations in Africa.
3. Agriculture and Farming:
Farmers and agricultural workers in Africa also rely on the Beiben 6x4 dump truck for various tasks such as hauling crops, livestock feed, and farm equipment. Its versatility and durability make it well-suited for navigating rural roads and rough terrain, making it an essential tool for the agricultural sector.
4. Infrastructure Development:
The Beiben 6x4 dump truck is widely used in infrastructure development projects in Africa, including road construction, bridge building, and water supply projects. Its ability to carry heavy loads over long distances makes it an essential vehicle for transporting construction materials and equipment to remote and inaccessible locations.

Overall, the Beiben 6x4 dump truck is a valuable asset in Africa for a wide range of applications, thanks to its reliability, durability, and high performa

The most professional beiben 6*4 dumper supplier and exporter from china baotou beiben heavy duty dump truck chassis . More than 15 great experience on beiben 6*4 dumper upperstructure designing and manufacturing.

 Model      Engine model          Engine power                 Wheelbase   Payloading
 2638    ( 6x4)           WP10.380              380        hp     3800+1450          60 T
 2642    (6x4 )           WP12.420              420        hp     3800+1450          70 T
 2638   (6x6)           WP10.380              380        hp      3800+1450          80 T
 3138   (8x4)           WP10.380              380        Hp      1950+4450+1450         100 T

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