beiben 6x6 truck

Customized beiben 6*6 drive truck

Authorized beiben 6 wheel drive truck manufacturer and exporter, more than 15 years great experience on producing beiben 6*6 drive heavy duty trucks. Currently we can customized beiben 6*6 drive oil tanker, beiben 6*6 dump truck, beiben 6*6 cargo truck, beiben 6*6 water tanker trucks. The north benz 6 wheeler drive truck is widely used in congo and africa country.   Our beiben off road workshop aim at supply good quality beiben off road vehicles for all over the world. We can supply beiben 2638 off road truck, beiben 2642 off road truck. Beiben 3138 off road truck, beiben 3142 off road truck.

Customized beiben 6x6 trucks, we specilized in producing beiben 4*4,6*6,8*8 drive trucks. can supply beiben 2529,2534,2538 cargo truck, dump truck all wheel drive mixer trucks.

 Engine model
         Engine power            
    Wheelbase   Payloading
 2634    ( 6x6) 
          WP10.340              340        hp
   4450+1450          50 T
 2638    ( 6x6)
             380        hp
    4450+1450          60 T
 2642     (6x6 )
             420        hp
    4450+1450          70 T
 2642     (6x6)
             420        Hp
    4450+1450          80 T
 2638A  (6x6)
          WP10.380              380        hp      5050+1450          80 T
 2642B  (6x6)
          WP12.420              420        Hp      5050+1450         100 T

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                 beiben 2638 cargo truck              beiben 6×6 log truck
 beiben all wheel drive dumper  beiben 6 wheel drive fuel truck  beibel 2538 all wheel drive water truck
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             Beiben military truck chassis                Beiben 6*6 drive tractor head

                  Beiben 6*6 drive cargo truck

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