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Mongolia Beiben NG80 Front tipper truck

May 16 , 2024

The Beiben NG80 Front tipper truck is a vehicle with automatic unloading function and is widely used in earthworks, mining, construction projects, short-distance freight and other fields.

Beiben tipper truck realizes the unloading function through the hydraulic system. It loads the goods into the carriage and then unloads the goods from the carriage to the destination through the unloading system to complete the transportation task of the goods. Beiben tipper truck can perform different types of loading and unloading operations according to the nature and needs of the goods to improve transportation efficiency.



Beiben tipper truck (also called tipping truck, dump truck, dumper truck, dumping truck, rear lifting truck, bucket lifting truck, ) is a vehicle designed primarily for transporting various kinds of materials and equipenmts like as the sand, mud, garbage and etc. 

The working principle of Beiben dump lorry truck is: the lifting mechanism is controlled by the hydraulic system to raise the truck body to a certain height; the truck body is tilted to a certain angle through the cooperation of the lifting mechanism and the hydraulic system; at the same time, the lifting mechanism and The unloading mechanism realizes the unloading function of the dump truck.


Advantages of Beiben NG80 Front tipper truck:

1.Beiben dumper truck has good unloading ability.

Its design structure makes the unloading process simple and fast. Only personnel can operate and control the unloading device of the vehicle to quickly unload the goods to the destination. This efficient uninstallation function greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs and time costs, and is especially suitable for occasions where frequent uninstallation is required.


2.Beiben dump truck has a large load capacity.

Due to its unique structural design and powerful power system, beiben dump truck can carry a large amount of materials, including earth, stone, coal, sand and other heavy items. This powerful load capacity allows beiben dump trucks to cope with various cargo transportation needs, improve transportation efficiency, and save costs. It is an ideal choice for various engineering and construction projects.


3.Beiben dump truck has good adaptability and stability.

Whether on rugged mountain roads, muddy country roads or flat highways, the beiben dump lorry truck can maintain stable driving conditions and reach its destination accurately and quickly. In addition, beiben dump lorry truck can also be customized and modified according to specific needs to meet the special requirements of different engineering projects, expanding its scope of application and flexibility.



1. Mongolia Beiben mining dump truck has strong carrying capacity.

Its solid body design and high-quality frame structure can bear a large amount of cargo weight, ensuring stable transportation under harsh road conditions. Whether in mines, construction sites or heavy logistics transportation, Mongolia beiben mining dump trucks are capable of various heavy-load tasks, greatly improving transportation efficiency.



2. Mongolia Beiben tipper truck has an efficient self-unloading function.

This model is equipped with an advanced hydraulic unloading system, which is easy and flexible to operate. The driver only needs to press the button to quickly dump the goods, which greatly shortens the unloading time and improves work efficiency. At the same time, the self-unloading function also effectively reduces the driver's labor intensity and reduces the risk of manual unloading, making it safer and more reliable.


3. Mongolia Beiben dumper truck has excellent reliability and durability.

It adopts high-quality power unit and transmission system, has strong power output and stable driving performance, and can adapt to various road conditions. At the same time, great care is taken in material selection and manufacturing processes to ensure the long-term service life of the vehicle. Whether in extreme climate conditions in alpine areas or harsh road environments, Mongolia's Beiben dumper trucks can maintain good operating conditions and ensure the normal transportation of goods.



To sum up, the Beiben NG80 Front tipper truck has the characteristics of strong unloading capacity, large load capacity, strong adaptability and good stability. With its strong load-bearing capacity, efficient dump function and excellent reliability and durability, it has become a leader among heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Its emergence not only greatly improves the efficiency and safety of cargo transportation, but also brings convenience and security to logistics and transportation work in various industries.

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