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The most popular Beiben 2638 crane truck in tanzania

May 16 , 2024

Beiben truck mounted crane is a common mechanical equipment for loading and unloading goods. It uses hydraulic expansion and contraction to realize the lifting and turning of goods. The main function of beiben truck mounted crane is to provide stable lifting support during transportation, which effectively improves loading and unloading efficiency and operation safety. The beiben truck mounted crane can hoist and transport items, which makes it widely used in municipal construction, coal mining engineering, landscaping and other fields.


beiben folding boom crane


Beiben truck mounted crane also called boom truck crane,mobile truck crane , telescopic straight boom crane,truck with crane , crane lorry,hydraulic arm crane for trucks, hydraulic crane telescopic boom,self loader truck with boom crane, new forland lorry truck mounted crane,telescopic boom truck mounted crane etc. 



Features of Beiben truck mounted crane:

1.Beiben truck with lifting crane has flexibility.

Beiben truck with lifting crane can be easily moved to the lifting area without building complicated lifting equipment. This makes the truck-mounted crane perform well in any space or on construction sites that require frequent movement, and is especially suitable for urban construction and hoisting operations in narrow areas. At the same time, beiben truck with lifting crane can also quickly adjust the lifting position and angle to meet different engineering needs.


beiben truck with lifting crane


2.Beiben knuckle boom truck is highly efficient.

Beiben knuckle boom truck can quickly and accurately complete various lifting operations and improve work efficiency. The beiben knuckle boom truck is equipped with advanced control systems and safety devices, making it easy to operate. Operators can quickly master the lifting skills to ensure efficient and safe lifting operations. In addition, the beiben knuckle boom truck has low maintenance costs, strong durability, and can operate stably for a long time, reducing project costs.


3.Beiben truck mounted crane is versatile.

Beiben truck mounted crane can not only perform conventional lifting operations, but can also be equipped with various ancillary equipment, such as clamps, grabs, etc., to achieve multiple functions. The beiben truck mounted crane can also cooperate with other mechanical equipment to improve operating efficiency. Due to the versatility of the truck-mounted crane, it has a wide range of applications and can be used in various fields such as construction engineering, transportation engineering, and port loading and unloading.

  • beiben truck mounted crane
  • beiben folding boom crane
  • beiben knuckle boom truck

To sum up, the beiben truck mounted crane has the characteristics and advantages of flexibility, efficiency and versatility, and is an important lifting equipment. With the continuous development of modern engineering construction, the application scope of beiben truck mounted crane will become wider and become one of the indispensable and important equipment on construction sites and engineering projects.


Beiben 2638 folding boom crane is one of the most popular crane models in Tanzania. It is widely used in the construction, transportation and logistics industries. The beiben folding boom crane has strong load-bearing capacity and stability, and can easily carry heavy objects. The following will introduce Beiben 2638 folding boom crane from three aspects: appearance design, performance characteristics and market response.


beiben truck mounted crane


1. Beiben 2638 truck mounted crane has a simple and elegant appearance design with smooth lines, showing a strong aura. The body is made of high-quality materials, has good durability and stability, and can work in harsh environments. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, the cab layout is reasonable, and the control is convenient. The overall design is simple and elegant, in line with modern aesthetics.


2. Beiben 2638knuckle boom truck has excellent performance characteristics, equipped with a strong power system and stable suspension system, and can easily cope with various road conditions and working environments. Its carrying capacity is strong and can effectively improve work efficiency. At the same time, beiben knuckle boom truck is equipped with advanced safety systems to ensure the safety of operators and the surrounding environment, and has been well received by users.

  • beiben truck with lifting crane
  • beiben truck mounted crane
  • beiben folding boom crane



3. Beiben 2638 crane truck has received a very enthusiastic response in the Tanzania market and has been loved and favored by customers. Users generally believe that this crane truck has reliable quality, excellent performance, affordable price and high cost performance. Whether it is construction, cargo handling, bridge repair and other work scenarios, Beiben 2638 crane trucks are capable of doing the job and have been recognized and praised by the industry.


In general, the Beiben 2638 crane truck has a high popularity and reputation in the Tanzanian market. Its simple and elegant appearance design, powerful and stable performance have been recognized and affirmed by the majority of users.

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