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2016-08-31 09:18:49

Belgium customer  order beiben 2534 dumper  for congo project

 Belgium customer order beiben truck

Client:  Belgium customer , Mr Roland, Mr Michel and others

Year: August, 2016


Key Points:  Ordering of  Beiben 6*4 drive 2534 dump truck, beiben 8 CBM concrete mixer truck,  beiben 6*6 drive 2534 crane truck and beiben 2534 tractor truck, 5 T light cargo truck for congo hydro power project.

  •        Arrange for Manufacture and inspection of beiben 2534 dump trucks , beiben 6*6 drive truck mounted XCMG crane, beiben 2534 tractor head
  •       Maintain full after sale service for 1 year after deliverying beiben trucks for congo , kinshasa.

  Belgium customer Mr Roland order 26 units beiben 40T dumper, beiben 6*6 drive crane truck, beiben tractor head from our plant.

Mr Michel and roland have project in congo, kinshasa. His company has just sucessfully get the tender for hydro power project  . Beiben dump truck have give deep impression once he visit our beiben tipper truck workshop  , so they decides to place order of beiben 40 T dump truck, beiben 20 T crane trucks and beiben 40 T tractor trucks into his truck fleet, aim at extending his logistic business in laos .


Objectives & Aims

  •       Source suitable beiben 2534 dump truck chassis with customer favourite colour , source beiben truck mounted XCMG crane, beiben tractor truck.
  •     Supply genuine beiben dump truck,beiben trailer trucks  spare parts.
  •       Maintain full support for 1 year after delivery
  •     Supply spares for the beiben tipping truck and tractor trucks for 1 complete year after delivery.

Implementation and Execution

we agreed to purchase the  on the beiben 2534 dump truck, beiben 2534 tractor truck,beiben 2534 concrete mixer truck. Next we arranged:

  •       Manufacture of the beiben 16 CBM capacity dump trucks
  •       Inspection of the Beiben 340 hp engine dumper
  •       Delivery to the shanghai seaport, china
  •       Customs clearance
  •       Loading and shipping to mombassa, kenya
  •       Unloading and final inspection before handing over to Mr Roand

  •         To ensure communication for support and sourcing spares


 Belgium customer order beiben truck

       Our general manager welcome belgium customer in wuhan railway station.


 Belgium customer order beiben truck

  Business meeting between belgium customer and CEEC TRUCKS


 Belgium customer order beiben truck

  Belgium customer expect some special requirement on their beiben trucks


 Belgium customer order beiben truck

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