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Beiben off road 8 wheeler drive truck chassis 8x8 drive

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Product Details
Product Details

                                                              Beiben 3138 off road truck

 Beiben 8x8 drive off road truck



The Beiben 8*8 drive truck chassis, is named as beiben 8*8 drive cargo truck, china beiben 8*8 drive cargo truck chassis, beiben 8 wheel drive cargo truck chassis. It is heavy duty truck chassis with benz technology axles.

Normally Beiben 3138 model 8*8 drive truck chassis is designed for heavy duty off road situation. the strong 8 wheeler 8*8 drive system on this beiben V3 cabin truck chassis, it is the most advanced 8*8 drive truck in china.  Beiben off road trucks are heavy-duty trucks designed for use in rugged terrain and off-road conditions. They are engineered with high-precision and superior quality components, making them the ultimate choice for many customers who require tough and reliable vehicles for their operations.

Beiben 3138 off road trucks are equipped with powerful engines, advanced transmissions, and dependable axles, allowing them to deliver excellent performance and reliability. These beiben 3138 off road trucks come in a wide range of models, including dump trucks, tractor units, concrete mixer trucks, and more.

They are designed to handle the toughest of conditions, with features such as strong frames, high ground clearance, and tough suspension systems. In addition, Beiben 3138 off road trucks have spacious cabins that provide excellent operator comfort and convenience, ensuring that drivers are always alert and focused when they are on the road.

Overall, Beiben off road trucks are ideal for construction, mining, and other heavy-duty applications that require superior performance and durability in extreme off-road conditions.


 Key Features:         


---- BEIBEN V3 cabin, Benz actros technology.

---- ZF8098 fuller steering system, convenient.

----12JS150A transmission, super combination.

---- 8*8 drive off road system.

---- Off road tyres, 12.00R24 big tyre.




Required Technical Specification 参数

Basic parameter


Model 型号


Length×width×height(mm) ××


Wheel-base(mm) 轴距


Curb weight(kg) 底盘整备质量


Engine parameter


Model (six cylinder in line) 型号(六缸)


Max. Power (HP/rpm) 最大马力


Max. Torque(Nm/rpm) 最大扭矩


Displacement(lit) 排量

9.726 L

Fuel tank capacity 油箱容量

400L Iron oil tanker  400L

Transmission system


Clutch 离合器

430 Single disc, dry type, friction clutch


Gearbox 变速箱

Mechanical, 9JS150A

Steering system


Steering gear 转向机

8098 Circulating ball steering gear, hydraulic booster;循环球式,液压助力;

Brake system


Service brake 行车制动器

Double circulation air brake system equipped


Parking brake 驻车制动器

Energy storage spring brake  弹簧储能制动;

Assisted brake 辅助制动

Engine exhaust brake  发动机排气制动;


Chassis parameter


Frame 车架

Variable width and section  317×70×8.5+7+8.5 mm

不等宽,变截面 317×70×8.5+7+8.5 mm

Front axle 前桥

7.5 T, no-driving steering axle, drum brake


Middle & Rear axle 中后桥

13T, Double-shoe pneumatic brake, double reduction driving axle, differential lock, speed ratio is 5.263


Front and rear suspension 前悬挂/后悬挂

Front/rear: Leaf spring, 13/13 pieces


Tire 轮胎




V3 Long Cabin/ Flat roof/Left drive

Exterior trimming:

Metal bumper, three steps, outer sun visor, sun roof (Manual), front under-ride bumper, rear view mirror (Manual).



Interior trimming:

Air suspension seat, Single bunk with sleeper, cooling and heating air conditioner, Steering wheel can be adjusted, door lock(Manual), radio (with MP3), digital instrument







4.报价有效期:1个月 。有效期过后,需要重新报价。







 Beiben 3138 off road truck

Transfer box for beiben 8*8 drive truck chassis

Beiben 3138 off road truck


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