Beiben spare parts factory sale, genuine quality

2019-03-01 14:14:25

Beiben genuine spare parts service


We supply 100% genuine beiben trucks spare parts, range from beiben tractor truck, beiben dump truck, beiben tanker truck, and other beiben trucks. our beiben truck parts center can supply following parts :


1, Engine parts, WD615,34. WD615,36, WD615.38

2, Transmission parts, Fast 9 JS160, 9JS180, 12JS160T, 12JS200T

3, Steering system: TAS85, ZF8098

4, Axle system: HD7/016DGS-13, HL7/015DS-13,HD7/016DGS-13,HL6/33D-13,HD6/27DG-13

5, cabin parts: NG80A, NG80B, V3

6, transfer case parts: VG1400, LF200

7, Suspension system


beiben truck parts


Beiben truck axle




beiben truck parts

Beiben trucks transmission

beiben truck parts


beiben truck parts

beiben truck parts


NextCongo-18 units beiben 2534 dumper exported to matadi seaport

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