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2015-03-12 17:39:45

In recent years, despite the traffic situation continually improved, but in China, road traffic situation has not been fundamentally changed. There are still a lot of road traffic accidents on the road, especially serious accidents have occurred from time to time characteristics. Among them, the truck accidents occupy the important proportion.


Facing the situation of traffic safety, Hongyan Genlyon synchronous European science and technology has been committed to the safety of road transport. Every product detail compromises European security concepts and technology and this truck successfully passed the European ECER29 safety certification standards.

Hongyan Genlyon is the first domestic heavy truck of the adoption of world's leading Fiat Cursor engine braking technology. In a high-speed and downhill process, ECU computer according to the driver's pedal frequency and intensity of intelligent brake open the engine exhaust door, and this will reduce engine pressure caused by fuel, generate the braking effect on the compression stroke, braking efficiency can reach above 80%, the initiative to circumvent security risks.

In Genlyon products safety concept and safety system for vehicles, engine braking, cab whole shift backward, advanced design of boxed surrounded and other safe technologies comprehensive care of the safety of passengers, to effectively improve the overall vehicle safety performance, accident personnel survival rate improve obviously.

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