How to buil a good quality beiben fuel tanker truck?

2016-05-02 10:27:58

                    How to find a good beiben fuel tanker truck supplier in china?

beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck

Beiben fuel trucks, also called beiben fuel tanker, beiben fuel wagons, north benz fuel trucks, beiben fuel transportation trucks. Beiben fuel tankers trucks are mostly well known for benz technology quality, famous weichai engine, fast & ZF transmission, benz technology axle.


Beiben fuel trucks can be devided as follows :


1, Driving system


Beiben 4*2 fuel truck, beiben 4*4 fuel trucks, beiben 6*4 oil tanker truck, beiben 6*6 oil truck, beiben 8*4 fuel transportation truck, beiben 8*8 fuel tanker vehicle.


2, Tanker capacity


Beiben 10 CBM fuel truck, beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker, beiben 30 CBM fuel trucks, beiben 40 CBM oil tanker truck.


3, Tanker material.


Beiben carbon steel oil tanker truck, beiben stainless steel oil truck, beiben aluminum oil tanker truck.


4, Applicance


Beiben airport fuel tanker truck, beiben fuel service station oil trucks. north benz air jet refueling trucks.


5, Beiben cabin type


Beiben 2527 oil truck,beiben 2529 oil wagon ,beiben 2530 fuel transportaion truck ,beiben 2534 fuel truck,beiben 2538 oil tanker truck ,3129,3134,3138 oil tanker truck


As the most professional tanker upper structure plant on beiben truck chassis, we will give you follow suggestion when you plan to order beiben fuel tanker trucks.


1, Special beiben tanker truck chassis is necessary, mostly the beiben fuel tanker truck is supposed to be on beiben oil tanker truck chassis, the exhaust pipe is installed in the front side of truck cabin.

beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck


2, Weilong oil gear pump is china No 1 pump brand . All the beiben fuel tanker trucks from our plant are applied weilong oil pump.

beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck


3, Most worker from our plant have more than 5 years on beiben fuel tankers experience.


beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck


4, Blasting room and painting room, ensure the reliable paint and good performance for beiben fuel tanker trucks.

beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck


beiben 3129 fuel tanker truck

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