How to build a good quality beiben water tanker truck?

2016-03-03 19:42:21

How to build good quality beiben water tankers ?

Beiben water trucks, also called as beiben water browser, beiben water wagons and beiben water carrier truck and beiben water transportation truck. . In many africa country, also called as north benz water truck, north benz water wagon.

Normally beiben water trucks can devided into catedegoies as follows:


1, Engine type

Beiben 270 Hp engine water tanker truck, beiben 340 Hp engine water truck, beiben 380 hp engine wager sprinkler truck.


2, Drive system

Beiben 4*2,4*4,6*4,6*6,8*4,8*4 drive water trukck.


3, Cabin type

Beiben NG80B, Beiben V3 water tanker vehicle.


4, Water tanker capacity.

Beiben 10 CBM, 20 CBM, 30 CBM, 40 CBM water carrier trucks.


5, Water tanker material.

Beiben carbon steel water tanker, beiben stainless water tanker truck, beiben aluminum water tanker vehicle.


Normally, the beiben water tanker trucks are produced on beiben 2527 truck 6*4 drive chassis, and beiben 2638 truck chassis. In other words, beiben 10 CBM capaicty water truck and beiben 20 CBM water browser are the most popular water trucks product in exporting.


How to find a good certified water tanker trucks based on beiben truck chassis, let us teach you 5 useful steps :


1, Beiben water tanker upper structure working experience.

beiben water trucks manufacturer

CEEC TRUCKS plant have more than 15 years experience on manufacturing beiben tanker trucks, especially on beiben water tanker truck and beiben fuel tanker trucks.


2,  Tanker welding technology level greatly influenced the beiben tanker trucks in useing. beiben water trucks manufacturer


3, Water pump is supposed to be WEILONG pump.

beiben water trucks manufacturer


beiben water trucks manufacturer


We fully applied China well know brand weilong water pump for all the beiben water transportation truck from our plant. Some small workshop used unknow brand water pump on the water tanker truck, this kind of cheap price will lead into too many brokedown in the further using for beiben water trucks.


4, Coat paiting for beiben water tanker truck before paiting. beiben water trucks manufacturer

beiben water trucks manufacturer


5, Strictly inspection before the beiben water tanker truck finish.

beiben water trucks manufacturer

beiben water trucks manufacturer


As the most professional beiben water vechile supplier in china, we can supply customer with all customrized beiben water tanker truck with different kinds of engine, capacity, cabin type.

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