Tanzaia- 15 units beiben 2638 prime mover export to Dar es salaam seaport

2019-01-27 13:04:32

On Octomber 10th , 2017, Tanzanian customer Mr ahamed order 15 units beiben tractor trucks. These beiben 2638 prime mover will be used for logistic transportation between dar es salaam seaport and dodoma city. 

Beiben 2638 trailer tractor

Client: Tanzania  customer Mr ahamed 

Project: Safari logistic company

Year: 2017 ,10

Project Background: Tanzania customer Mr ahamed expect to extend his logistic fleet in dar es salaam, now he has more than 50 units different kinds of trucks at hand, range from china sino truck, JAC trucks, benz truck, volvo trucks.  Compared with benz truck, beiben truck have great advantage on price. 

These beiben 380 hp engine towing trucks are all customized on orange colour based on customer's RAL code. They are all right hand drive .

Our overseas marketing manager inspect these tractor trucks with Mr ahamed , at shanghai seaport, china . we are satisfied with the fast delivery time and good quality assurance.

Key Pointes:

Beiben 6x4 tractor truck


beiben 2638 tractor truck


Beiben NG80B cabin 2638 trailer tractor truck, with good performance.

beiben 2638 tractor truck


All the beiben 2638 tractor trucks are all right hand drive system, for tanzannia country.

beiben 2638 tractor truck


China beiben 2638 tractor truck, benz technology tractor trucks.


beiben 2638 tractor truck


beiben 2638 tractor truck


beiben 2638 tractor truck

Beiben 380 hp engine tractor truck, with sleeping bed .

beiben 2638 tractor truck


beiben 2638 tractor truck

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