Beiben 2638 crane truck shipped board , for congo customer

2017-11-23 17:10:29

Beiben 2638 crane truck ship on board


Congo beiben 2638 crane truck shipped on board, we are the most professional beiben 2638 truck mounted crane supplier.


Congo customer order this beiben 2638 crane truck from us, this kind of beiben 2638 crane truck will used in congo country for wood transportation.


China beiben 2638 cargo truck shipped on roro vessel.


congo beiben 2638 crane truck


Our freight forwarder have great experience on shipping beiben trucks, the whole beiben cargo truck will be strictly fixed on the roro vessel.


beiben 2638 cargo truck


beiben 2638 cargo truck

beiben 2638 cargo truck


We welcome all congo customer order beiben 2638 , 2642 cargo truck, crane truck from us.


TEL: 0086 136 4729 7999.



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