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Algeria beiben 2638 truck with 5 Ton crane

Algeria beiben 2638 truck with 5 Ton crane

November 30, -0001

Beiben 6X4 crane truck is a truck specially used for heavy cargo handling and lifting. Its main functions and uses are as follows:

1. Cargo lifting: Beiben 6X4 crane truck is equipped with powerful lifting equipment and can easily lift goods of various sizes and weights. This kind of truck is usually used in construction sites, ports, logistics centers and other places where goods need to be lifted or lowered from the ground quickly and efficiently.

2. Use at construction sites: Beiben 6X4 crane truck is very common on construction sites and can be used to transport and install various construction materials, such as steel bars, concrete components, etc. Its flexibility and load-bearing capacity make it an indispensable tool on construction sites.

3. Emergency rescue: As a multi-functional vehicle, the Beiben 6X4 crane truck can also be used for emergency rescue missions. For example, at the scene of a natural disaster or accident, its lifting equipment can be used to rescue trapped people from dangerous areas, or to clear obstacles on the road.

4. Transportation industry: In addition to lifting goods, the Beiben 6X4 crane truck can also be used as an ordinary truck for cargo transportation. Its reliable power system and stable chassis design enable it to transport various goods over long distances, providing convenience for the logistics and transportation industry.

In short, the Beiben 6X4 crane truck is a powerful and multi-purpose truck that is widely used in various fields, such as construction sites, logistics transportation, emergency rescue, etc., providing users with efficient and safe handling and lifting solutions.

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