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Tanzania beiben 2638 truck mounted XCMG crane

Tanzania beiben 2638 truck mounted XCMG crane

May 06, 2024

The Beiben 2638 crane truck, also named as beiben 2638 truck mounted crane, It is a versatile truck with many uses and functions. Here are four main points describing its purpose and functionality:

1. Transporting goods: Beiben 2638 crane truck has strong pulling force and load-bearing capacity and can be used to transport large goods and heavy equipment. Its large cargo box and powerful engine make it an ideal vehicle for transporting a variety of goods including construction materials, heavy machinery, large containers and more.

2. Lifting and lifting: Beiben 2638 crane truck is equipped with a powerful crane that can perform lifting and lifting operations quickly and efficiently. This makes it very suitable for lifting and handling work at construction sites, docks, warehouses and other places. It can easily handle various heavy goods and improve work efficiency.

3. Emergency rescue: Beiben 2638 crane truck can also play an important role in emergency situations. Its cranes can be used for rescue missions such as rescuing trapped vehicles and lifting collapsed buildings, responding quickly and providing critical support. Therefore, it is often used as a rescue vehicle and plays an important role at disaster and accident scenes.

4. Multifunctional operations: In addition to the above uses, the Beiben 2638 crane truck can also be used in a variety of other work scenarios. For example, use it to transport machinery and equipment, erect temporary building structures, trim trees, etc. Its flexible design and versatility make it a versatile work tool that can handle a variety of different job requirements.

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