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Customized china beiben Tractor Trucks, we supply beiben 2534,2538,2542,2548 prime mover, ensusre the best price for north benz towing trucks. We can supply beiben NG80B cabin tractor truck, beiben NG80A cabin tractor truck, beiben V3 tractor truck. welcome all the africa customer to order beiben 6*4 drive tractor truck, beiben 6*6 drive tractor truck from us .

Beiben tractor truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle designed and manufactured by Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd., a renowned Chinese truck manufacturer. With its robust build quality, reliable performance, and advanced features, Beiben tractor truck has gained popularity worldwide, including in Africa. In Africa, Beiben tractor trucks are primarily used for the following purposes:

1. Transportation of goods:
Beiben tractor trucks are widely used in Africa for transporting goods across long distances. Their powerful engines, spacious cabins, and durable chassis make them ideal for hauling heavy loads over rough terrains and challenging road conditions. From bulk cargo to containers, Beiben tractor trucks are trusted for their efficiency and reliability in delivering goods to various destinations.
2. Agriculture and mining operations:
In the agricultural and mining sectors of Africa, Beiben tractor trucks play a crucial role in transporting equipment, machinery, and raw materials. Their high payload capacity, excellent traction control, and strong towing capabilities make them indispensable for supporting agricultural and mining operations in remote areas. Beiben tractor trucks are often used to transport crops, mining products, and heavy equipment to and from production sites.
3. Construction industry:
Beiben tractor trucks are also commonly used in the construction industry in Africa. With their versatility and maneuverability, they are essential for transporting construction materials such as sand, gravel, cement, and steel beams to construction sites. Beiben tractor trucks are valued for their ability to handle heavy loads efficiently, ensuring timely delivery of materials for construction projects.
4. Public transportation and logistics:
In some African countries, Beiben tractor trucks are utilized for public transportation services and logistics operations. They are employed as passenger buses, cargo carriers, and delivery vehicles, offering reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions. Beiben tractor trucks are preferred for their durability, safety features, and low maintenance costs, making them a practical choice for meeting the transportation needs of communities and businesses.

In conclusion, Beiben tractor truck is a versatile and dependable vehicle that serves various applications in Africa, including goods transportation, agriculture, mining, construction, public transportation, and logistics. Its robust design, high performance, and adaptability make it a popular choice for businesses and industries across the continent.  China premium beiben 10 wheeler tractor truck manufacturer and exporter, supply beiben 2638 tractor truck, beiben 2642 tractor truck, beiben 6*4 drive tractor truck, beiben 6*6 drive tractor truck.

Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase Payloading
2638 ( 6x4) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 60 T
2642 ( 6x4) WP12.420 420        hp 3450+1450 80 T
2638 (6x6 ) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 90 T
2642     (6x6) WP12.420 420        Hp 3450+1450 100 T


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