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Beiben Off Road Truck


Beiben Off Road Truck

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Customized beiben 6x6 trucks, we specilized in producing beiben 4*4 drive truck ,beiben 6*6 drive truck ,beiben 8*8 drive trucks. can supply beiben all wheel drive tanker truck beiben all wheel drive dump truck, beiben all wheel drive tractor trucks, beiben off road logging truck. Currently we specialized in exporting beiben 2524, 2538,2542 off road trucks.  Our beiben off road trucks are widely used in congo and africa .

China premium beiben off road truck manufacturer and exporter, supply beiben 2638 off road truck, beiben 2642 off road truck, beiben 3138 off road truck. Until now, we have successfully export 200 units beiben off road trucks to overseas market.  Where customer need china off road trucks, we will ensure the best price and service for the 4 wheel drive and 6 wheel drive trucks.

The Beiben off-road truck is a versatile and powerful vehicle designed for use in extreme conditions. It has a range of uses across different industries and can handle rough terrain with ease. Here are four key uses for the Beiben off-road truck:

1. Mining: The Beiben off-road truck is commonly used in mining operations to transport heavy loads of materials over rugged terrain. Its durable build and high load capacity make it an essential tool for moving earth, rocks, and other mining materials efficiently and safely.
2. Construction: In the construction industry, the Beiben off-road truck is often used to transport building materials, equipment, and machinery to remote construction sites. Its excellent off-road capabilities allow it to navigate through rough terrain, making it ideal for construction projects in challenging locations.
3. Forestry: Forestry companies use the Beiben off-road truck to transport timber, logs, and other forestry products through dense forests and uneven terrain. Its robust design and high payload capacity make it a reliable choice for transporting large volumes of wood from logging sites to processing facilities.
4. Emergency services: The Beiben off-road truck is also utilized by emergency services, such as firefighters and rescue teams, to access hard-to-reach areas during natural disasters or emergencies. Its off-road capabilities enable it to navigate through debris, rubble, and rough terrain to deliver aid and supplies to affected areas quickly and efficiently.

Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase Payloading
2634 ( 6x6) WP10.340 340        hp 4450+1450 50 T
2638 ( 6x6) WP10.380 380        hp 4450+1450 60 T
2642 (6x6 ) WP12.420 420        hp 4450+1450 70 T
2642 (6x6) WP10.380 420        Hp 4450+1450 80 T
2638A (6x6) WP10.380 380        hp 5050+1450 80 T
2642B  (6x6) WP12.420 420        Hp 5050+1450 100 T


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