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Beiben V3 Tractor Truck


Beiben V3 Tractor Truck

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The Beiben V3 Tractor Truck, also named as beiben V3 towing tractor, beiben V3 prime mover. It is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for a variety of transportation purposes. Its main uses can be summarized in the following four points:

1. Long-distance transportation: The Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is commonly used for long-haul transportation of goods and materials. With its powerful engine and high load capacity, this truck is ideal for transporting heavy loads over vast distances. Whether it's delivering goods across state lines or hauling construction materials across the country, the Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is a reliable and efficient choice for long-distance transportation.
2. Freight hauling: Another key use of the Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is for hauling freight. Its spacious cabin and large cargo area make it well-suited for transporting goods of various sizes and types. Whether it's pallets of merchandise, construction materials, or agricultural products, this truck can handle a wide range of freight hauling tasks with ease.
3. Container transport: The Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is also frequently used for transporting shipping containers. With its strong chassis and robust construction, this truck is capable of carrying heavy containers over long distances. Whether it's moving containers from port to inland distribution centers or transporting goods to and from warehouses, the Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is a versatile and reliable choice for container transport.
4. Specialized applications: In addition to its main uses in long-distance transportation, freight hauling, and container transport, the Beiben V3 Tractor Truck can also be used for specialized applications. For example, it can be equipped with specialized trailers for transporting oversized or heavy loads, making it suitable for use in industries such as construction, mining, and forestry. With its versatility and durability, the Beiben V3 Tractor Truck is a versatile vehicle that can be adapted to a wide range of transportation needs.We are the best beiben V3 tractor truck manufacturer in china, can supply beibebn V3 6*4 tractor truck, beiben V3 4*2 tractor truck, beiben V3 340 Hp engine, 380 HP engine, 420 Hp engine and 480 Hp engine tractor truck.

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Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase Payloading
2638 ( 6x4) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 60 T
2643    ( 6x4) WP12.430 430        hp 3450+1450 80 T
2646 (6x4 ) WP12.460 460        hp 3450+1450 90 T
2656 (6x6) WP12.560 560        Hp 3450+1450 100 T

Customized Beiben V3 tractor

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