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Beiben Crane Truck

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Customized beiben cargo truck with crane

Beiben crane truck is a specialized vehicle that is primarily used for lifting and transporting heavy loads in various industries. Its main purpose can be summarized in four key points:

1. Construction: Beiben crane trucks are commonly used in the construction industry for lifting and moving materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and machinery. The crane feature on the truck allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy items at construction sites, making the construction process more efficient and productive.
2. Infrastructure development: These trucks play a crucial role in infrastructure development projects such as building highways, bridges, and railways. They are used to transport and install components like girders, concrete panels, and utility poles, helping to expedite the construction process and ensure that projects are completed on time.
3. Rescue operations: Beiben crane trucks are also utilized in emergency situations for rescue and recovery operations. The crane on the truck can be used to lift and move debris, vehicles, and other obstacles in the aftermath of natural disasters or accidents, helping to clear roadways and access hard-to-reach areas.
4. Logistics and transportation: In addition to their use in construction and rescue operations, Beiben crane trucks are also employed in logistics and transportation industries. These trucks are used to load and unload heavy cargo at warehouses, ports, and distribution centers, facilitating the movement of goods and supplies across various locations.

Overall, Beiben crane trucks are versatile vehicles that play a critical role in a wide range of industries, from construction and infrastructure development to emergency response and logistics. Their ability to lift and transport heavy loads makes them essential tools for completing challenging tasks efficiently and safely.Customized beiben crane trucks, we produce beiben truck mounted crane, beiben 5 Ton crane truck, beiben 8 T crane truck, beiben 10 T crane truck, beiben 2534,2538,2542 crane trucks. China premium north benz truck chassis manufacturer, can supply north benz 2638 crane, north benz 2642 crane truck, north benz 3138 truck mounted crane, north benz 3138 truck with 25 T crane.

More than 20 years on producing beiben 4*4 crane truck, beiben 6*4 crane trucks, beiben 6*6 truck mounted crane. We can install XCMG, UNIC, SANY crane on north benz truck chassis .

Model Engine model Engine power Wheelbase crane type
2638 ( 6x4) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 6.3 Ton
2642 ( 6x4) WP12.420 420        hp 3450+1450 8  Ton
2638 (6x4 ) WP10.380 380        hp 3450+1450 10 Ton
3138   (8x4) WP10.380 3820        Hp 1950+4950+1450 30 Ton

beiben 2638 truck beiben crane truck beiben crane truck
Beiben 8 T crane truck north benz 6.3 t crane truck Beiben 30 T crane truck
beiben 12 Ton crane truck north benz truck mounted crane beiben road wrecker
Beiben knuckle boom crane truck Beiben 2634 crane truck beiben 30 Ton wrecker truck

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